Street champions

Now that restrictions are in place, it’s clear that we need to operate on a hyper-local level and make sure we’re looking after our immediate neighbours who aren’t able to get out for basic supplies.

We’re looking for volunteers to become street champions, leading the charge on connecting with your direct neighbours and helping to organise support in your street.

We need to pull together and make sure our immediate neighbours have the supplies they need – whether dropping things at their door on your way back from the shop, or connecting on the phone to help them with setting up online deliveries.

Please, if you’re able, sign up as a champion for your street here:

With your contact details, we’ll be able to make a map of street champions and easily identify areas where there may be gaps. We’ll also provide you with as much support as we can, including connecting you with other local street champions, providing key information and advice, linking you to local charities and organisations who can help, and doing so safely.

What does being a street champion involve?

First and foremost, staying safe
Volunteer Glasgow has produced a guide for local volunteers on the best way to stay safe while helping your local community. Please make sure you’ve read it and adhere to their advice.

Connecting with your neighbours
We need street champions to (safely) get in touch with their immediate neighbours to find out who might need help and encourage their neighbours who are able to get out (within the guidelines) to help out with essentials.

Organising your street
We know that not everyone will be aware of who is able to help and how to get in touch with them, so we need street champions to get everyone in contact with each other. Whether it’s starting a Facebook or Whatsapp group or building a phone tree, we can help you set these up.

Buying essentials and picking up prescriptions
We need those that are still able to go out to add things their neighbours need to their shop and drop at their doorstep, or add to online orders.

Helping neighbours with online tools and local delivery services
In the current situation, ordering groceries and other items online is the best approach, but we know lots of people aren’t set up for that. Street champions can help people sign up for these (or get other neighbours to help) and signpost people to local businesses offering deliveries.

Keeping in touch
For many of us, staying indoors and away from friends and family will be hard and lots of people will be lonely, so it’s important to keep in touch. Street champions should organise ways for your neighbours to keep in touch – through phone calls, video calls using free tools like Zoom or Facebook video calling, or social media and Whatsapp groups. If you need any help in setting these up, we can talk you through it.

Looking out for one another
The most important thing at the moment is for us all to look out for our neighbours, making sure we’re checking in every day on our most vulnerable. Anxiety and loneliness are heightened at the moment so psychological support is invaluable. We will signpost you to the right organisations who’ll be able to help with specific situations, and checking in every day means that we can help get the right support to people as soon as it’s needed.

If you have any questions, big or small, let us know on the group or by email at