Help with local delivery & online tools

Many of the people who are most at risk are unfamiliar with delivery services and online tools to keep in touch with family, friends and neighbours.

Street champions can help by signposting to our information on local delivery services and help with setting up communications tools.

If you’re not familiar with online tools, don’t worry! We’re here to help. Drop us a note at or ask on the Southside SIS Champions group and we’ll do our best to help!

Local delivery services

We’ve put together a list of local delivery services who are able to deliver to your door. We’ll be keeping this up to date and if there’s anything you think we should add please let us know!

Food banks & aid organisations

We know that people are struggling under these tough circumstances and may need the services of food banks and other aid organisations. We’e compiled a list that we’ll keep up to date but let us know if there’s anything else we should add here.

Help with online communication tools

We’re fortunate that we have access to such amazing tools to keep us together when we have to stay apart.

If you’re able, street champions can help people set up on these tools so they can better communicate with friends and family.

Here are a few tools we recommend: – video conferencing tool. You get 40 minutes free for each meeting and it’s easy to set up.

Facebook video & audio calling – easy to use if you already use Facebook Messenger. Just click the phone or camera symbol in your open chat.

Whatsapp video & audio calling – you’ll need to help download the app but once it’s downloaded it’s fairly simple to send messages and make calls.

Help with Amazon and other online services

Online is now the main way to get most items, including things like books and entertainment.

Street Champions can help (or get other neighbours) to get people connected to online services to get items they need or just to keep themselves entertained during this time.

There are lots of online services so we’ll just list a few here to get you kicked off. If you think there are any we should include here please drop us a line!

Exercise – there are loads of free classes online like Eldergym or Joe Wickes

Supplies – Amazon are still fulfilling orders and there are online companies across lots of different sectors still doing online orders.

Entertainment – BBC iPlayer (for license payers / those who are exempt)and the STV Player both have lots of great content freely available. For more, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ (currently with a 7-day free trial) have enough content to keep you going forever, for a fee, of course.

WiFi sharing

Some people who don’t normally use online tools may not have regular access to the internet. Consider whether you’d be happy to share your WiFi with close neighbours to help them connect.

If you do choose to share, please be aware of the restrictions of your own contract in terms of download limits and also that giving someone access to your network may mean you could be liable for their activities. We’re certain that that’s unlikely, but if you share your WiFi please do remember that it’s at your own risk!