Getting in touch with your neighbours

We know not everyone will see our posters or our online groups, so we’re looking for Street Champions to help spread the word of the help available to their neighbours who may be vulnerable.

Let your neighbours know that you can help

We’ve created a version of of the Covid-19 Mutual Aid group’s note that includes our contact details if people need to get in touch directly. It’s designed to save paper and ink as much as possible, but allow you to share whatever information you’re comfortable with with your neighbours.

We also have a poster you can print and put up in your close to advertise our main contact details.

We know you might not have a printer, so please share these flyers and posters with your neighbours if you can! 

Use your contacts

If you have anyone’s number or email address, give them a shout! Let them know that you’re helping to organise your street and ask them if they’re able to help.

We know that not everyone is in touch with their neighbours, but try to find out who knows everyone and can help spread the word – from the local shop to the postie, make sure they know how to get in contact with you or us so they can signpost people if they hear they need help.