Buying essentials & picking up prescriptions

One of the core needs of those who are self-isolating at the moment is getting groceries and prescriptions.

As a Street Champion, we absolutely don’t expect you do do shopping for everyone in your street! We know that some of you are in self-isolation yourselves, but we just ask that you help connect neighbours so that everyone can pitch in.

Buying groceries

We’ve added a list of local businesses that are able to deliver here. Please share this with your neighbours who may be able to make use of them.

We know these delivery services are under pressure right now, so please encourage your neighbours who are still able to go out to add to their shop for those who need fresh groceries that they can leave on the doorstep.

Picking up prescriptions

The ability to get prescriptions will be essential for many people. Lots of pharmacies are offering a delivery service, so check with anyone who is self-isolating which pharmacy their prescription is at and check with the pharmacy to see if they might be able to deliver to their door.

If the pharmacy can’t, street champions can connect anyone in need with a neighbour who is able to pick up the prescription on their behalf.


When buying and delivering groceries and prescriptions, it’s massively important that street champions and volunteer neighbours follow the safeguarding guidelines we’ve put together.