About us

The idea for the group came from a post by Rhona Sweeting on the Battlefield Community Project group.

The Southside Self-Isolation Supporters group grew from just Battlefield to cover the whole of the southside in a matter of hours. We’re amazed and encouraged by the enthusiasm and generosity of spirit the community has shown so far. 

Our main purpose at the moment is to build our network of volunteers and engage with existing organisations to help facilitate and coordinate support for anyone who needs it while self-isolating, at a time when many organisations may be limited in what they are able to do as a result of staff overload. We’re also recruiting a team of working groups to help organise everything and the response has been incredible. 

Our members have made some amazing suggestions already, from offers to deliver groceries to providing books to keep people entertained while isolated. We’re working out the details of how we can best support those in need of some help, as well as engaging with local organisations to coordinate our activities. 

Our admins are Rhona Sweeting, project manager in renewables; Jade Graham, Chair of Newlands and Auldhouse Community Council; Laura Kane, marketing manager; Iain Wallace, business development manager. 

The Facebook group is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SouthsideSIS and the admin team can be contacted at southsidesishelpers@gmail.com.

What we do:

1. Facilitate a peer-to-peer support network for the people of the southside of Glasgow, providing community support for those self-isolating or affected by COVID-19.

2. Promote community advocacy and help those in need of additional support identify resources within existing organisations.

3. Coordinate a network of volunteers to help assist the local community with basic help such as shopping etc.

What we don’t do:

1. Administer or manage any charitable funds or revenue.

2. Deliver health advice – for the latest advice, please see the advice and guidance from the NHS.

3. Provide services such as personal care for the elderly etc.