Phillies Community Meals

Southside Self-Isolation Support group were recently contacted by the wonderful team at Phillies of Shawlands about their Community Meals project.

Since lockdown, the independent neighbourhood restaurant and bar decided to start a Crowdfunder to go towards producing and distributing meals in the local community to those vulnerable and in need.

They have since raised nearly £3000 and today they kicked off the project. £1 = 1 meal and every penny goes towards food so all labour is voluntary.

They will be producing three different dishes each week (2 vegetarian & 1 vegan) and meals will last 3 days when refrigerated.

The team at Phillies want to stress that anyone can receive the meals if they’re struggling: they don’t have to fit certain criteria.

They feel that lots of people of all ages and backgrounds have found themselves unemployed or struggling over the past month so they want everyone to feel that they can collect the meals if needed.

As well as Southside Self-Isolation Support group, Phillies have partnered up with Simon Community Scotland, Glasgow Mutual Aid to try and reach as many different groups as possible.

Today, volunteers from the Southside Self-Isolation group have helped facilitate the delivery of 100 vegan and vegetarian meals to AEFCC Food Bank (Al-Farooq Education and Community Centre).

AEFCC Food Bank are located on Dixon Avenue and as well as providing foodbank services by making up packages of goods for the community, they also deliver meals between 4.30pm and 8pm Monday to Saturday. They have seen their demand increase significantly over the lockdown period.

We are delighted to have brought both organisations together and these meals will provide vital nutrition to those receiving them.

There are two days left to donate to Phillies Community Meals Crowdfunder. If you can spare anything then you can donate HERE.

If you would like to donate to AFECC Food Bank then you can find information via their WEBSITE or email Sohaib from the team HERE.

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