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5 mental health tips

Here are 5 tips to help maintain and aid your mental health during lockdown and beyond.

Connecting with people

When self-isolating this is a vital way of improving and maintaining mental health and wellbeing. Why not speak to someone new or reconnect with friends and family? By doing this you will lift someone else as well as yourself. By feeling close to and valued is a fundamental need for people and will also have an impact on your community.

Be active

Self-isolating can make activity a bit more difficult at times but there are ways around this. If you have a garden then gardening is a great way to stay active, you can of course exercise in your garden by taking a stroll round, if you are self-isolating indoors you can do housework, there are exercise videos on YouTube, you can dance with your children. Being active can improve poor mental health.

Taking notice

This is good for broadening your awareness and keeping you grounded. Don’t be hard on yourself for a start. Why not start a journal/diary? Recognise your achievements, even if that means getting up, having a shower and cooking something for yourself. Try and remain in the present and try not to reflect on the past when you are questioning that you “should have” done something. Also, try not to catastrophise and think “what if”. Try and practice mindfulness and think about the here and now.


Why not learn a new skill or hobby? The meaning of a new word even? Pick up some DIY, do an online quiz, read that book that you have been saving, look into your family history, do an online course. The list is endless. By learning something you improve your self-esteem and with this time you can prepare yourself for when isolation ends.


This can contribute greatly to happiness and in turn improve mental health. Volunteering if you are able is a fantastic way to give, giving blood is still an essential requirement whilst we are self-isolating and social distancing. Check in with your neighbours to see if they need anything whilst you are picking up your shopping. These are a few ideas.

It’s important to remember that you have to do what’s right for you. Try something and if you are not sure, try it again. Research and ask advice. This is about helping your mental health and this starts with you.

For more information on resources & organisation who may help you, please see our Mental Health Resources page.

If you’re struggling, it’s important to tell someone.

Help and support is available right now if you need it. You do not have to struggle with difficult feelings alone.

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