How to keep in contact with friends and family during lockdown.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a major impact on the way we socialise and engage with others. Below are some helpful tips to keep in contact with friends and family outside of your household:

  1. Stay in touch via phone

    This is probably the easiest way of keeping in touch! Arranging to call friends or family at particular times of day helps to keep a routine, and allows you to maintain your self-isolation.
  2. Stay in touch through Facebook

    Websites like Facebook offer a great way of keeping in contact with people while you’re apart. You can share photos, send messages, and join communities of people with similar interests and hobbies to you.

    If you don’t have a Facebook account, here’s an easy guide as to how to set one up.

  3. Stay in touch through WhatsApp or texts

    Texting or using WhatsApp are great ways to keep in contact with people, particularly if you are working to different schedules.

    WhatsApp is a simple messaging and calling app for smart phones and devices that you can download. Here’s how to get started.
  4. Stay in touch through video calls

Apps like FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom offer video calls so you can chat to your friends and family. As long as you have access to a camera on your computer, phone or tablet, you can use one of the following to video call family and friends:

FaceTime is specific to Apple products – iPhones, MacBooks and so on. Both callers need an Apple product to use it. If that’s you, here’s an easy guide to get you started.

WhatsApp means you can video call anyone else with the app. Once you’ve set up the app on your smart phone or smart device, here’s a handy guide as to how to video call.

Zoom is an online video conferencing service that’s great if you want to chat to lots of people—perhaps you can get your family together for a chat! Here’s a guide on how to use Zoom.

Other ideas:

  • Try having dinner with friends or family over a video call
  • Have a go at setting up a game on a website like so you and loved ones can spend some time together
  • Try doing your weekly pub quiz with friends over video call
  • If you can walk past a post box when exercising (and you’re not shielding), why not send a letter to someone? 

[Katy Brooks]

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